Climate Sense

CAFEA produces and distributes awareness-raising publications about the impact of climate change and related issues in East Africa. Climate Sense’s publications are unique in East Africa, and catalyse a better understanding of climate change adaptation and mitigation actions across the region.

Climate Sense News-sheet
The Climate Sense news-sheet contains practical advice and news, showcasing projects and best practice about climate change initiatives in Uganda.

The news-sheet is a simple A3 folded newspaper circulated across Uganda. It targets schools and local governments in rural areas, where climate change impacts are already acute, providing clear information on what climate change is, how it is affecting Uganda, practical ways to cope with the changes, and ways to save natural resources. Containing Uganda-specific information focusing on priority local needs, individual articles are presented in an accessible style to a large cross section of the population. Each edition provides readers with an introduction to a particular topic such as water, improved cookstoves, forestry, pollution, etc. The publication will also add cross-cutting issues such as gender, health and HIV.

Innovations in response to climate change are already taking place in Uganda, but mostly as isolated initiatives. The news-sheet highlights such activities in Uganda, to inspire and mobilise students, members of the public and government officials to put these measures into wider practice, whilst increasing the national conversation on climate change. The first edition of the news-sheet was funded by the German government, and is available for download here . The second edition was funded by the Norwegian, Danish and German governments and is available for download here .

Climate Sense Briefs
Climate Sense briefs, presentations and posters provide clear information on specific climate change and carbon finance topics. The materials are produced in conjunction with other government and private organisations in a variety of styles and are often delivered as part of more comprehensive training sessions. These are aimed at increasing the pool of expertise and fluency in carbon markets in governments, businesses and other organisations across Uganda and East Africa.

East African experiences of the carbon markets have been documented in a series of Climate Sense training publications; "Introductory Guide to CDM Projects in East Africa" and “Introductory Guide to PoAs in East Africa”, supported by GIZ, BMU and Danida. Receiving very positive feedback in training workshops, these guides highlight the continued need for succinct and practical climate change information for East Africa. These documents are available for download here .