The Bureau’s Partners

This large Danish engineering and consultancy company has worked with UCB on wastewater and other CDM topics with Danida and KfW support.



In partnership with Niras, UCB prepared the CDM documents for a new Kampala sewage treatment project for NWSC.

Hivos and UCB partnered in the development of a multi-country CDM Programme of Activities for domestic biogas systems.

UCB supports the work of CTI-PFAN in Uganda and beyond with business coaching to projects inducted into its programme.




SPGS is our lead partner in the on-going development of the Gold Standard FOCASA umbrella project for tree growers in Uganda.


Ecotrust is a key provider of carbon credits for UCB’s carbon neutral service. The credits are generated by the Plan Vivo ‘Trees for Global Benefits’ project. Ecotrust has also joined the ICSEA improved cookstoves PoA supplying stoves to its tree growers.


UTGA is a collaborative partner for the Gold Standard forestry umbrella project being developed for Ugandan tree growers.






Development Partners: 

DFID has supported our pioneering regional (6 country) East African improved cookstoves CDM PoA, Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa (ICSEA).




KfW has been a major supporter of our regional (4 country) East African renewable energy CDM PoA covering grid-connected hydro, solar, geo-thermal and wind projects, and funded the addition of the second methodology to the ICSEA PoA.





Care Denmark supported us with our Nordic Climate Facility regional grant for the ICSEA improved cookstoves CDM PoA.




GIZ has generously supported us in several ways over the past 7 years with technical expertise and project funding to enable us to become one of Africa’s leading carbon companies and PoA developers.