Information and Publications

Briefs and Publications

The Bureau carries out a wide range of education and publicity work to disseminate information about climate change and carbon finance, to increase awareness about risks of global warming and the opportunities for enterprises to benefit from carbon credits.

Climate Sense

This Bureau has published a news-sheet, ‘Climate Sense’, which is distributed to all schools in Uganda, District Government offices and is inserted into the two main national newspapers. The news-sheet is designed to provide accessible information that will educate people about the causes of climate change – the effects it will have, and how to adapt to these effects. It also deals with the actions that can be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and how to develop projects that will generate carbon finance. The choice of schools as a focus is especially important - both to reach the adults of tomorrow, and as an efficient way to get information into the homes of the many people who would otherwise not receive information about climate change. ‘Climate Sense’ builds on the previous experience of Bureau staff in producing a similar nationwide magazine. The first edition was sponsored by the German development agency GIZ. Norad, GIZ and Danida sponsored the second edition.

Click here to read Climate Sense edition 1

Introductory Guides about Carbon Finance in East Africa

The Bureau has published introductory guides about climate finance for organisations in East Africa. These free publications are designed to help organisations interested in green technology enterprises to understand the opportunities that carbon finance can bring to their business operations. These guides are written in an accessible style to explain how the carbon markets work, drawing on real East Africa project examples, and provide analysis of current trends and policy in carbon markets and what they may mean for project developers in East Africa. The first two introductory guides have been sponsored by BMU.

Click here  to read the Introductory Guide: CDM Projects in East Africa

Click here  to read the Introductory Guide: CDM Programmes of Activities (PoA) in East Africa


Other publication materials

The Bureau has provided information and pro bono professional support during the creation of the Ugandan Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change (PFCC), and the newly formed Law & Justice Network on Climate Change - Uganda.

Click here  to view one of the posters about NAMAs in Uganda for the Climate Change Unit displayed at COP 17

Information and Advice

Another aspect of the Bureau's education and publicity work is the ‘open-door’ policy at its office. Many people seeking information about climate change, carbon projects and the carbon markets visit the office in Lubowa to access the latest information that we have. The Bureau has a good knowledge about new developments on the East African carbon scene, especially about donor supported programmes. The growing library of climate change materials is also a useful resource.

The Bureau also runs periodic lunchtime meetings – informal meetings about specific topics and issues connected with climate change or the carbon markets which the Bureau is involved in. Recent lunches have involved biochar, ERPA review, carbon opportunities for PV energy projects, the Abalinda Ebihangwa REDD project and opportunities for micro finance institutes to participate in carbon finance initiatives. These bring together key players from industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. Typically there will be a presentation about the subject, followed by a discussion about the possible actions for its implementation in East Africa.

More Information about the Bureau's work on information and publication dissemination can be found here .