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Job advert for a socio-economic researcher at CAFEA

January 2014. Position Now Closed

The Carbon Foundation of East Africa (CAFEA) is looking to hire a junior researcher to join the ALTER research team.

The ALTER project is a 3-year funded research project based in Ethiopia and Uganda which aims to demonstrate that there are real and lasting benefits for wide scale poverty alleviation, particularly for the rural poor, by tackling soil degradation. The biophysical and socio-economic research in Uganda will focus upon the links between rural livelihoods, wetland organic soils and climate change.

Position Now Closed

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ALTER Publications

Publications from CAFEA's ALTER research project.

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Flyers for Programme of Activites

Flyers for Programme of Activites in Improved Cook Stoves, Biogas, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Forestry

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PoA Informational Posters for Improved Cooktoves, Biogas, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Forestry

Copies of the posters desplayed at Carbon Expo 2013 in Barcelona.

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COP 17 Posters

Copies of the poster displayed at the Durban COP by the Uganda delegation on forestry, PoAs, and NAMAs in Uganda.

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Climate Sense Introductory Guides

These guides form a series of briefings dealing with climate change and carbon finance in East Africa and have been supported by GTZ, BMU and Danida.

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Press Releases

Press Releases from major events at Uganda Carbon.

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Organisational Profile for UCB and CAFEA

Profiles of the expereince and expertise of Uganda Carbon Buearu (UCB) and Carbon Foundation for East Africa (CAFEA).

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Climate Sense News Sheet

The Bureau's pioneering new climate change publication focused on East Africa

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