Carbon Foundation of East Africa

As a least developed country Uganda is especially vulnerable to climate change, and the risk of increased poverty. Although climate change adaptation strategies are being developed, lack of knowledge about them means there is little understanding and ability to cope with the changes being experienced. Global action on climate change presents a number of opportunities for Uganda to benefit from mitigation efforts that could generate income from carbon credits, although there is currently limited awareness and access to these across East Africa.

In 2010 the Uganda Carbon Bureau brought together a group of individuals to form the Carbon Foundation of East Africa (CAFEA). This not-for-profit foundation was developed with the aim of providing pro bono climate change and carbon market information, training and a range of support activities to a wide range of groups including the general public, business and government agencies.

CAFEA has a broad mandate to increase public awareness about climate change and to provide a much wider understanding about the subject, including the promotion of East African participation in the global dialogue on climate change and carbon markets. CAFEA’s strategy is to identify and disseminate practical knowledge about climate change and to encourage the uptake of simple mitigation and adaptation activities as part of locally implemented strategies responding to climate change. This has included topics such as clean cooking techniques, including biogas and energy efficient cook stoves, which directly affect the lives of women throughout East Africa.

Climate Sense
CAFEA has attracted significant donor support for its work. The publication and distribution of the national educational news-sheet, Climate Sense, to all schools and sub-county local governments in Uganda at the beginning of 2011 established the credibility of the Climate Sense brand as a reliable source of accessible information.

Since its inception, Climate Sense publications and activities have continued to build a better understanding of the opportunities to mitigate climate change, and to explain the ways of generating carbon finance though the raising of public awareness about ‘clean’ renewable energy sources and other technologies. Information is spread through a range of media including periodic briefing notes and booklets explaining the carbon markets in an accessible way, drawing on real experiences of East African projects. To read more about Climate Sense click here .

Climate Research
CAFEA is also actively researching the impacts that climate change will have in Uganda and the consequences for society, by delivering solutions to the challenges facing the country. CAFEA has teamed up with international and Ugandan research organisations to deliver high quality, integrated and innovative science that contributes practical knowledge and lessons to combat the challenges of climate change, land use and natural resource management. To read more about our Climate Research click here .

The Uganda Carbon Bureau manages the day-to-day affairs of CAFEA.