ICSEA receives PIF award

April 2013. ICSEA has been successful in receiving support from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) through its Pilot Innovation Fund (PIF). GACC is a public-private partnership initiative of the UN Foundation and is dedicated to the adoption of clean cook stoves in 100 million households by 2020. PIF is designed to support new ideas to drive disruptive change in the sector and to develop a thriving market for clean cooking solutions by supporting the trialling of innovative models to strengthen stove supply, enhancing demand and improving existing value chains in the cook stove market. The grant to ICSEA will support the first CDM verification event of the PoA as a major learning exercise, and the implementation of the PoA’s stove monitoring database. The verification will result in high quality CDM/Gold Standard carbon credits that will be 100% retained by the first CPA (the International Lifeline Fund) providing further evidence of the ICSEA fair trade business model.

The web-based database that ICSEA will use will allow the tracking of stoves; collecting contact information from stove purchasers at the point of sale and its regular updating. Data will be captured through individual stove Sales Agreements/Log Books, or electronically through mobile phone apps. This will ensure ongoing accuracy, and will allow ICSEA to monitor stove performance in the field, while forecasting and calculating carbon credit emissions for annual verification cycles. This database will also allow stove supplier organisations to manage their distribution network better and earn more carbon credits.

Work on both these activities has already started, and the results of will be used to help new supplier organisations that join the PoA. Any organisation interested in cook stoves and carbon finance is recommended to get in touch with ICSEA to discuss their plans.

Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa Project - ICSEA

Photos from our ICSEA project

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