Fairtrade Carbon Credit standard - road-testing with the ICSEA PoA

The Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa (ICSEA) PoA has been chosen as one of the Fairtrade Carbon Credit (FCC) road-testing projects in advance of the expected launch of the new standard in mid-2015.


UCB has contributed to the design of the standard as a member of the expert panel, and as a member of the potential user group. Using the Fairtrade standard has been a priority of UCB ever since the concept was publicised at the UNFCCC COP in Durban. Buyers of carbon credits for voluntary purposes will value the Fairtrade accreditation as a sign of the intergrity of the credits to which the standard applies. The ICSEA PoA's credits will then be CDM, Gold Standard and FCC accredited, and will command premium prices for the ICSEA members.

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